Fred Hohman
/ CSE Ph.D. Student at GT


Things I do, including research, academic course projects, and miscellaneous interests.


Gamut 2019
Atlas 2019
Scalable k-Core Decomposition 2018
Visual Analytics in Deep Learning 2018
Interactive Classification 2018
Deep Population 2017
VIGOR 2017
Graph Playground 2017
A Viz of Ice and Fire 2017
Discovery Dashboard 2017
Keeping the Bad Guys Out 2017
Visual Graph Query Construction and Refinement 2017
ShapeShop 2017

Explorable Explanations

The Parametric Press 2019
Blueberry Pancakes 2018
The Beginner’s Guide to Dimensionality Reduction 2018
The Math of Card Shuffling 2018

Undergraduate Thesis

3D Printing the Trefoil Knot and its Pages 2015


Math & Computational Science REU 2014


Health Easel 2017
A Viz of Ice and Fire 2016
Materials Informatics: Grain Growth 2016
Modeling of Pedestrian Traffic Around Bobby-Dodd Stadium 2016
UGA Undergrad Course Projects
Image Compression 2014
Railgun Simulation 2014
Path Minimization 2013
Numerical ODE Solution and Integration Project 2013
Cube Decomposition Trophy 2014
UGA Keychain 2014

Other on Github
Raspberry Pi Case 2013
Road Bike Restoration 2012