Fred Hohman

Road Bike Restoration

I spent some time restoring and converting a 25-year-old Norco into a road bike.

Road Bike Restoration.
I particularly like the green handlebar tape.

In 1987 my father was fitted for a Norco hybrid bicycle. After many years of use, the bike was hung from a hook and placed in the back of the garage. In 2012, after my first year of college, I came home in search of a better means of transport around campus.

Road Bike Restoration. Road Bike Restoration. Road Bike Restoration. Road Bike Restoration.

After cleaning old parts and salvaging what I could, I had a chromoly frame that predated me to build upon. I used Sheldon Brown’s website for tips on what to buy. I purchased drop down handlebars, derailleurs, wheels, and other modern hardware from Performance Bicycle and began painting and building. I lowered the bike’s total gear count to 16, but that has been plenty to get to class quickly—even over the large hills in Athens, GA.