Fred Hohman

Bluff: Interactively Deciphering Adversarial Attacks on Deep Neural Networks

IEEE Visualization Conference (VIS), 2020
*Authors contributed equally


Deep neural networks (DNNs) are now commonly used in many domains. However, they are vulnerable to adversarial attacks: carefully-crafted perturbations on data inputs that can fool a model into making incorrect predictions. Despite significant research on developing DNN attack and defense techniques, people still lack an understanding of how such attacks penetrate a model’s internals. We present Bluff, an interactive system for visualizing, characterizing, and deciphering adversarial attacks on vision-based neural networks. Bluff allows people to flexibly visualize and compare the activation pathways for benign and attacked images, revealing mechanisms that adversarial attacks employ to inflict harm on a model. Bluff is open-sourced and runs in modern web browsers.


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