Hi, I'm Fred Hohman

I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech advised by Polo Chau and Alex Endert.

My research applies a human-centered approach to designing and developing interactive scalable interfaces that help people understand and explain machine learning models. I also write, design, and build explorable explanations and interactive data visualizations to simply communicate complex ideas.

I have worked at Apple, Microsoft Research, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, and Pacific Northwest National Lab.

My research is supported by a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship.

Scaling Deep Learning Interpretability by Visualizing Activation and Attribution Summarizations
TVCG 2020
A design probe to understand how data scientists understand machine learning models
CHI 2019
An interrogative survey for the next frontiers
TVCG 2018

A born-digital magazine showcasing the expository power of the web
Present —
Explore the methods data scientists use to visualize high-dimensional data
July 2018
Riffling from factory order to complete randomness
June 2018

Can we free machine learning models from bias and prejudice?
May 2019
A CERN particle physicist walks us through the history and science of particle physics
May 2019
In Atlanta, a nonprofit seeks to resist housing displacement—but how effective is the project?
May 2019

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