Hi, I'm Fred Hohman

I'm a Research Scientist at Apple
I design and develop interactive interfaces to help people understand machine learning models and data-driven systems. Besides building tools, I also create data visualizations and write interactive articles to simply communicate complex ideas.
I received my PhD from Georgia Tech where I worked with Polo Chau and Alex Endert. My dissertation on interactive interfaces for interpretability won the ACM SIGCHI Outstanding Dissertation Award and was supported by a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship.
I have collaborated with designers, developers, artists, and scientists while working at Apple, Microsoft Research, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, and Pacific Northwest National Lab.

Featured Research Publications

Composing interactive interfaces for machine learning
CHI 2022
Generalizing confusion matrix visualization to hierarchical and multi-output labels
CHI 2022
Learning convolutional neural networks with interactive visualization
TVCG 2021
Understanding and visualizing data iteration in machine learning
CHI 2020

Featured Dissertation Publications

Examining interactive article design by synthesizing theory from education, journalism, and visualization
Distill 2020
Scaling deep learning interpretability by visualizing activation and attribution summarizations
TVCG 2020
A design probe to understand how data scientists understand machine learning models
CHI 2019

Featured Interactive Articles

Interactively explore advancements in machine learning research at Apple
Present — 2021
Interactively analyze and learn about our climate’s past, present, and future
A born-digital magazine showcasing the expository power of the web
Explore the methods data scientists use to visualize high-dimensional data

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