Fred Hohman

Summer Internship at PNNL

This summer I’ll be an NSIP Ph.D. intern at Pacific Northwest National Lab working in the Data Sciences & Analytics (DSA) group.

This summer I'm Washington bound as a PhD intern in the Data Sciences & Analytics group at @PNNLab!

— Fred Hohman (@fredhohman) May 4, 2016

PNNL is one of the Department of Energy’s Office of Sciences national laboratories whose research specializes in fundamental sciences, national security, energy, and reducing the effects of human activity on the environment1.

Pacific Northwest National Lab.

I’m one week into my summer work, and I finally understand where I fall in the hierarchy of the lab: I’m housed in the Data Sciences & Analytics group, in the Computational & Statistical Analytics Division, which falls under the National Security Directorate (one of the three missions of the lab).

I’ll be spending 11 weeks in Tri-Cities, Washington working with Dr. Nathan Hodas on using visual analytics to better understand how deep learning models semantically learn.

My Flight to Washington.
My long flight out West.

During my time out West, I plan to take a few trips to places like Seattle, Portland, and possibly Vancouver. I’ll also be taking a weekend getaway to Los Angles on my birthday. Looking forward to taking pictures, meeting new people, and experiencing all the Pacific Northwest has to offer this summer!

  1. Research at PNNL.